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Advanced First Responder

This one-of-a-kind specialty unit describes the skills and knowledge required to establish, maintain, and facilitate the provision of an advanced first aid in the workplace, community, or in a remote environment. It is relevant to individuals who may be required to provide, coordinate, and manage an advanced first aid response across a range of complex settings and circumstances, including where medical assistance may be delayed or limited.

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive skillset and knowledge based required to recognise an emergency, manage a scene, and provide both emergency and prolonged life support until the arrival of medical assistance. Topics include:

  • Assessing an emergency and selecting first aid equipment and resources to manage a range of incidents
  • Evaluating information about a remote or isolated site and identifying injuries or illnesses requiring extended management
  • Completing pre-departure safety and serviceability checks on equipment
  • Triage of multicausality incidents
  • Airway and breathing management, including suctioning techniques and insertion of an oropharyngeal airway adjunct
  • Single-rescuer and two-rescuer Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation techniques, including the use of a BagValve Mask (BVM)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Administration of oxygen to a conscious/unconscious patient
  • Safe oxygen administration, including oxygen delivery methods
  • Use and interpretation of a pulse oximeter
  • Preparation and use of advanced resuscitation equipment
  • Medical conditions including cardiac events, diabetes, and epilepsy
  • Infection control and first aid for minor wounds
  • Allergic reactions, Anaphylaxis and Asthma
  • Control of major external bleeding and shock
  • Management of near drowning, hyperthermia and hypothermia
  • Burns and electrical shock
  • Eye and soft tissue injuries, fractures, and spinal injuries
  • Venomous bites and stings
  • Head, chest, and abdominal injuries
  • Assessment of the sick and injured, including taking vital signs, and prolonged treatment of a casualty
  • Communicating details of an incident, including handover to the ambulance and reporting requirements
  • Evacuation of a casualty
  • Debriefing and evaluation of response to critical incidents
  • Organisational protocols and procedures related to storage, administration and handling requirements for restricted medication, including permits or licences
  • Documentation related to use of restricted substances
  • Medication administration according to medical instructions
  • Principles of pain assessment and management
  • Selection of pain relief methods, including alternatives to medicine
  • Monitoring of a casualty receiving analgesia
Two paramedics providing CPR to a patient as part of an Advanced First Responder Course
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Course Duration

32 hours (4 x 8hour days) classroom training

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Course Dates

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Face to face component on 26th to 29th February 2024

Assessment Methods

Progressive assessment throughout the course, including demonstration of practical skills, and written and oral questions relating to underpinning knowledge. Students must be able to demonstrate CPR on a manikin placed on the ground to be competent in this course.

Course Cost


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Course Cost Overview

32 hours (4 x 8hour days) classroom training

Included in this cost, you receive access to our online student portal for the pre-course work, bestselling first aid emergency manual, training and assessment, ‘Advanced First Responder’ Statement of Attainment, face shield, and the student activity workbook to complete on the training day.

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