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The right event management & medical support for your next event

Get the right support for your next major event. AMR provides medical direction for large-scale events, including the right medical professionals, such as physicians, emergency nurses, and the Absolute Medical Response team. We’ve worked in major events and sporting fixtures across Australia, including football and basketball games, auto racing, concerts and festivals, and horse shows.

Our medical services have offered peace of mind and emergency care for events like the Sydney Olympic Games, Sydney Papal visit, Sydney New Year’s Eve celebrations, Bathurst 1000, V8 Touring Car Events, National Drag Racing, Motor Bike and Moto Cross Events, Hillsong Concerts and more.

Trusted by Australia's largest events

AMR is trusted by Australia’s most prestigious and largest events and provides medical support to clients including Sydney Opera House, Iron Man Series and Rugby League.

Custom support for your major event

Our experience allows us to plan for your event, organising and providing the necessary physicians, nurses, event paramedics, EMTs, patient transport vehicles, and medical supplies – no matter the event. If you have a major event coming up that calls for custom planning and medical services, we’ll create a custom package to ensure we meet your specific requirements precisely.

Trusted by large-scale event organisers across Australia

We’re fortunate to be trusted by large-scale event organisers across the nation. AMR has worked on some of the country’s most iconic events with some amazing clients, including Sydney Opera House, NYE in the Park, Iron Man Series, Rugby League and East Coast Rally.

Not just First Aiders

Major events across sports, recreation, and event sectors are often unpredictable and can come with their own inherent risks. Having the right medical support makes all the difference for your team, your guests, and your event attendees.

Our events teams are intentionally trained to deal with this unpredictability. AMR ensures rapid medical intervention in the event of an injury and will provide a mobile medical centre if your event calls for it. These utilise our fully equipped intensive care patient transport vehicles. We’ll also provide a highly qualified medical panel that includes emergency physicians and anaesthetists to support our on-the-ground staff to ensure maximum support whenever it is required.

Second-to-none service

With an ISO 9001:2016 certification and a commitment to quality care, the AMR team is prepared for your next event. We have a strict protocol system and pharmacology (pain relief, emergency medications, etc.) in place to ensure a robust clinical governance structure. AMR tests and assesses our paramedics and EMTs annually to ensure quality of care.

Absolute Medical Response is here to minimise organisational and administrative headaches that come with injuries, illnesses and emergencies at your event. We’ll work with you to establish the best way we can provide appropriate and professional medical support for everyone involved in the event. This includes your competitors, officials, performers, stagehands and spectators.

Fully Equipped Patient Transport Vehicles

Absolute Medical Response operates a full fleet of fully-equipped patient transport vehicles. These aren’t just reserved for patient transport – they can act as mobile medical centres at your event, allowing us to provide a rapid response to on-site injuries and accidents.

Tailoring our services to support our clients, these patient transport vehicles are available for hire, too. You can hire both the vehicle and personnel as you need. We’ve helped film production companies and more through the hiring of these vehicles. To enquire or book our Sport and Special Event Medical Support services today, contact us on 1300 808 322 or book online

Why choose AMR for your next event?

30 years in business

AMR has been trusted by a range of large clients across Australia for massive events. We’ve been doing it for over 30 years, and we do it well.

Multidisciplinary team

We don’t just provide a team of medics. Our multidisciplinary team offers your next major event paramedics, nurses, doctors, and more to protect your event’s attendees.

Trusted by Australia’s biggest names

From the events at the Sydney Opera House to the Iron Man challenges – Australia’s biggest names know they can rely on AMR for their events.

Experienced in a range of events

Having worked on such a vast variety of events, we’ve gained considerable experience and will deploy the right team with the necessary professionals for your specific event.


Absolute Medical Response is recognised by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS), Motorcycling NSW Inc. (MNSW) and The Australian Karting Association (AKA) as an endorsed organisation approved to provide medical coverage at motor racing events.

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