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Medical Support

Absolute Medical Response is the medical support team relied on by Australian companies for more than 30 years.

AMR keeps teams safe on-site with medical support

Once you’ve identified a need for medical services on your work site, it’s essential that you select an accredited, reputable, and dependable team. AMR is nationally certified as an ISO 9001:2016 provider of emergency pre-hospital services. We’re approved to carry scheduled medications (pain relief, emergency drugs) for the treatment and management of injured or ill patients – ensuring your team members can get the support they need as they need it.
Two Absolute Medical Response paramedics standing next to a medical response vehicle

The highly-qualified team providing unrivalled service on work sites.

The team at Absolute Medical Response is highly-qualified and credentialled. We have emergency medical technicians, paramedics, and intensive care paramedics available to provide unrivalled service to remote sites, construction zones and mining, and offshore facilities.

Our emergency medical response service is customisable to your needs. We can provide trained, experienced, and certified medical, nursing, and general support staff for your site. This is along with fully equipped emergency response vehicles that offer a safe zone to provide medical care to your team.

Custom support for your site

We’ve built a reputation for providing reliable medical personnel and support to sites across Australia and internationally. As the experts, we’ll review your industry and site requirements so that we can ensure you receive the right level of pre-hospital response for your organisation. You can contact Absolute Medical Response to talk through your site needs to ensure your medical obligations are met with the right resources. Or simply fill out our enquiry form here. 

A paramedic standing infront of two ambulances and stretchers

We’ve supported a range of industries and organisations with the right medical staffing.

Whether your organisation only needs a single qualified paramedic to offer medical support for your mining or gas operation, or you need a full health centre worth of medical staff, the AMR team can support you.

We’re specialists in providing remote medical, health, and emergency services. Our team has worked all across Australia and abroad in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, West Papua, and Qatar.

Our expert staff are highly experienced across a broad range of industries, including mining, oil, and gas. You can hire us for your site for any period of time – from a single day to an ongoing service lasting years. We’re here to support you as you need it.

Absolute Medical Response can provide:

Absolute Medical Response operates a fleet of fully equipped specialized transport vehicles and 4×4 response vehicles. These are fitted out with all necessary equipment to protect, help, and save your team members. We’ll work with you to identify your organization’s needs and deploy the necessary number of response vehicles for your site

Why choose AMR for your work site?

Over 30 years in business

We’ve been supporting work sites and major events for more than 30 years now. In fact, we’re trusted by some of Australia’s largest organisations.

Multidisciplinary team

We don’t just offer your site medics. We have a multidisciplinary team of nurses, paramedics, doctors, and more to ensure your team is safe on-site.

Trusted by Australia’s biggest names

From the Sydney Opera House to Iron Man and a number of mining, oil, and gas companies, we’re a trusted Australian care provider.

The experience you need on-site

The AMR team has worked across various large-scale events and work sites and has the experience to ensure your site has the appropriate support.

The team to rely on for medical response

Book the AMR team for your patient transport or medical response needs today. Ready to enquire about one of our training programs? Get in touch today.