Onsite Emergency Medical Response

Absolute Medical Response has provided onsite medical support for over 20 years. When procuring medical services, selecting an accredited, reputable and dependable supplier is essential. Absolute Medical Response is a nationally certified ISO 9001:2016 provider of emergency prehospital services and is approved to carry scheduled medications (pain relief, emergency drugs) for the treatment and management of injured or ill patients.

Absolute Medical Response have a highly credentialed and qualified team of Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics and Intensive Care Paramedics who can provide an unrivalled level of service to remote sites, construction zones and mining and offshore facilities. We can provide your site with trained, experienced and certified medical, nursing and Absolute Medical Response staff along with fully equipped emergency response vehicles.

With a reputation for the provision of reliable medical personnel, we are able to review your industry and site requirements and supply the right level of pre-hospital response for your business. Contact Absolute Medical Response to discuss your site needs and ensure your medical obligations are met with the appropriate resources.

Whether your company needs a single qualified paramedic to provide medical support for your mining or oil and gas operation, or you need to fully staff a health centre or clinic, we can provide the right medical staffing solution with the following disciplines:

  • Medical Rescue
  • Primary Healthcare
  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Occupational Health

Absolute Medical Response specialises in the provision of remote medical, health and emergency services. We have experience in operations across Australia (NSW, QLD, SA and VIC), and around the world (Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, West Papua and Qatar).

Absolute Medical Response has experienced and expert staff trained and experience in many fields, including the mining industry. Whether you require a single paramedic or a full scale service for a period of years, months, weeks or days we can provide a service that suits your business needs.

Absolute Medical Response can provide:

  • Qualified, professional Medical and Absolute Medical Response personnel
  • Immediate assistance in the event of an accident
  • Medical care onsite to get your staff back to work ASAP
  • Organization of the most appropriate transport (air, ground) for injured workers
  • Records and clinical review of all injuries treated and any identification of injury patterns
  • First Aid Kit and AED checks on site
  • Safety walks and simulations
  • Medical Emergency Response Training (MERT) for rescue and primary care givers

Absolute Medical Response operate a fleet of fully equipped ambulances and 4×4 response vehicles that can be deployed to your site as part of the medical service.

For all your Onsite Emergency Medical Response needs