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Non-emergency patient transport services

Absolute Medical Response specialist services provide bespoke transfer solutions to the community and the private sector for all non-emergency patient transport. Operating 24/7 and covering the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area (NSW), Perth (WA), and the Greater Adelaide Metropolitan Area (SA), we deliver on-demand patient transport services to meet our client’s individual needs. Covering a range of patient mobility, we use purpose-built patient transport vehicles with qualified and credentialed EMTs and Paramedics, in line with the Australian qualifications framework AHPRA, that can provide clinical care procedures, ensuring you arrive at your desired health facility safely.

All of our patient transport vehicles are equipped to the highest standard for patient transfer services with automatic electronic defibrillators (AEDs), oxygen facilities, pain relief, medical equipment, and are all fitted with state of the art stretchers. Our team can provide an appropriate patient assessment as a part of the professional all-inclusive service. Our crews are always prompt and smartly dressed in the designated Absolute Medical Response uniform. Our non-emergency patient transport services should be your go-to choice for pre-arranged patient transport with safe work practices and exceptional client care.

To provide complete peace of mind, all of our services are run from a central control room, complete with real-time status updates directly from each vehicle. We aim to provide non-emergency transport that’s traceable, reliable, and comfortable.

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Two Absolute Medical Response paramedics transporting a patient

What is non-emergency patient transport?

Non-emergency patient transport is a type of service that provides patient transports for individuals that are not experiencing life-threatening conditions. Non-emergency patient transport may be required for several reasons, including if patients are unable to transport themselves for mental or physical reasons or if they require patient transport to assist with specialised medical equipment.


The vehicles used for non-emergency patients are equipped with health professionals and appropriate medical equipment to aid infection prevention, provide basic medical care and ensure the safety of all clients. The level of assistance needed onboard may differ from patient to patient.

Why Choose Absolute Medical Response for Patient Transport?

At Absolute Medical Response, we pride ourselves on being the trusted choice for patient transport services. Here’s what we have to offer our patients:

Extensive Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we have honed our expertise in providing seamless and reliable patient transfers. You can trust our team to handle your transportation needs with utmost professionalism and care. Your health is not a responsibility we take lightly.

Qualified Professionals

Our team of highly trained EMTs and registered Paramedics are dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care. Our team undergoes regular training to develop the necessary skills to handle diverse medical situations during transport.

State-of-the-Art Vehicles

Our fleet of patient transport vehicles is equipped with advanced medical equipment and amenities to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our patients. From stretchers to AEDs, oxygen facilities, and more, we have everything needed for a smooth and safe journey.

Comprehensive Coverage

We offer our services across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area in NSW, Perth in WA, and the Greater Adelaide Metropolitan area in SA. No matter where you are, we are here to provide reliable patient transport solutions.


Our specialist patient transport will assist you and take you to your:

  • Transfers between hospitals
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Hospital appointments and transport
  • Physiotherapy appointments and
  • Care homes
  • Ongoing specialist appointments for chronic illness

Our aim is to deliver a friendly, caring and comfortable experience that takes you where you need to be in a timely and efficient manner. So choose Absolute Medical Response Service for non-emergency patient transfers and we will deliver the best transport solution possible for:

  • Stretcher bound patients
  • Wheelchair patients and
  • Ambulatory patients

Our Commitment to Safety and Comfort

We prioritise the safety and comfort of our patients at every step of the journey. We understand that medical transportation can be a slightly stressful experience, especially for those with medical conditions or mobility limitations. That’s why we have implemented stringent safety protocols and rigorous training for our staff, so those that require transport can rest assured that their journey will be both comfortable and safe.

Our vehicles undergo regular, ongoing maintenance and inspections to ensure they are in prime condition for each transfer. Our EMTs and registered Paramedics are also trained to handle emergency situations and provide appropriate care during your journey. We strive to create a calm and supportive environment for our patients, addressing their needs with empathy and compassion, so as not to neglect emotional comfort as well as physical.

The team to rely on for medical response

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Frequently asked questions

The health of our patients is a responsibility we take seriously, and we know you do too. That’s why we have put together this collection of frequently asked questions to ensure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Booking transport services with our team is simple. To book in our services you can visit our website or give our friendly customer service team a call. From there we can help you to make a booking and confirm both timeframes and pick up and drop off locations.

Our team caters to a wide range of patients, including those that require extra mobility help such as stretcher-bound patients and wheelchair users. We can also cater to individual needs if you require the transportation of any specialist medical equipment. It’s our aim to provide a comfortable and tailored experience for each and every patient, so if you have any questions at all about your personal requirements, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Yes, we provide transport to doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and various other medical facilities. Our team will ensure you reach your destination safely and on time, no matter the occasion. 

All of our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including AEDs, oxygen facilities, pain relief options, and more. We also set ourselves apart by prioritising patient safety and comfort as our top priority for every journey. 

Yes, we operate 24/7 to cater to the needs of our patients. If you have made a hospital or doctor’s appointment outside of business hours, simply get in touch with our customer service team and we can arrange your transport. Whether it’s day or night, you can rely on us for prompt and reliable patient transport.