Respirator Fit Testing

Absolute Medical Response now offers Respirator Fit testing on site at our operational base, 91 Kurrajong Road Mt Druitt

What is Respirator Fit Testing?

Respirator Fit Testing is undertaken to ensure the respiratory protective equipment (RPE) has a proper fit to the face, enabling an effective seal from harmful contaminants in the air.

Fit testing works by measuring the number of microscopic particles in the ambient air and then measuring the number of those particles that leak into the respirator.
The ratio of these two concentrations is called the fit factor.

How is a Respirator Fit Test done?

Fit testing is done while the person is wearing the respirator and attached to the testing unit. They are then instructed to perform several physical movements and actions, designed to challenge how the seal is maintained in a relevant emulation of its intended use.
If an adequate seal is achieved and you pass a fit test, that respirator is deemed a suitable match for the wearer.

Who needs to get a Respirator Fit Test?

Respirator Fit Testing is for anyone wearing a tight-fitting respirator and should be carried out by qualified personnel as inappropriate fit can reduce the protection provided leaving workers exposed to unsafe airborne contaminants.

How often should a Respirator Fit Test be done?

Fit testing should be done every 12months.

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