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Respirator Fit Testing

Absolute Medical Response now offers Respirator Fit testing on-site or at our operational base

Respirators save lives, but it's essential they fit correctly.

Respirator fit testing ensures your respiratory protective equipment (RPE) fits your face properly. This testing ensures your RPE has an effective seal from any harmful contaminants in the air, better protecting you to get on with your everyday work.

Our goal is to provide maximum protection against airborne contaminants, and proper fit testing is the key. The AMR team highly recommends undergoing respirator fit testing every 12 months. A once-tight-fitting respirator can change over a year, so ongoing fit testing is essential for your safety.

One of the AMR team carrying out a respirator fit test.

Why is Respirator Fit Testing Essential?

Respirator fit testing ensures that the seal properly protects the wearer. It’s essential for anyone who needs to wear tight-fitting respirators, as an inadequate fit can expose you to unsafe airborne contaminants.

How is a Respirator Fit Test done?

A fit test for a respirator is a meticulous process that evaluates how well a respirator seals against the wearer’s face. Fit testing is done by measuring how many microscopic particles are in the ambient air and then measuring the number of those particles that have leaked into the respirator. We call the ratio of these two measurements the ‘fit factor’. The more contaminants in the air compared with fewer contaminants in the respirator means a better-fit factor.

How do we measure this fit factor? You will wear your respirator, which will be attached to a testing unit. You’ll be asked to perform a range of physical movements and actions that are designed to challenge how the seal in your respirator is maintained. Basically, we’ll try and replicate the movements you complete naturally while on the job so we can ensure the seal is working as it should.

As a respirator is used under various conditions, it must be fit-tested to ensure we can provide year-round tight-fitting respirators, regardless of your movements. That’s why our fit testing carefully replicates your natural work movements, ensuring your respirator is tight enough to stay properly positioned throughout your shift.

If the seal is adequate and you pass the fit test, then the respirator will be deemed a suitable match. Voila — you and your tight-fitting respirator are free to continue with your work; just remember to come back in 12 months!

Who needs to get a Respirator Fit Test?

Respirator fit testing is for anyone who needs to wear a tight-fitting respirator. These tests must be carried out by qualified personnel to ensure an appropriate fit. An inappropriate fit will reduce the protection your respirator provides, leaving you exposed to unsafe airborne contaminants.

Respiratory protection and therefore fit testing are often required in some of the following fields:

(Please note this list is by no means exhaustive)

If you work in one of the above fields, or any other position requiring face respirators, it is important to have your equipment fit tested.

Why partner with AMR for your team's respirator fit testing?

AMR is a leading provider of out-of-hospital care in Australia. We’ve built a positive reputation with event organisers for our reliable medical professionals.

Providing Comprehensive Respirator Fit Testing with Absolute Precision

AMR is a leading provider of out-of-hospital care in Australia. We've built a positive reputation with event organisers for our reliable medical professionals.

Highly-trained personnel

AMR's fit testing team is trained in-house as part of our accredited training program. Each member of our team undergoes annual training to remain up to date with best practices.

Trusted by Australia’s biggest names

We've worked with a variety of Australian companies, big and small. The AMR team has been trusted by countless teams to keep them safe on-site through attentive fit testing.

A commitment to quality care

We're committed to providing high-quality care. It starts with our in-house training and is carried through the attention to detail our team provides in their fit testing.

Comprehensive service approach

The AMR team is made up of a range of multidisciplinary medical professionals. It means we can support your team through fit testing and a range of other on-site services.

Get in touch, today!

If fit testing is required for your face respirators, the team at Absolute Medical Response are here to help, we provide state-of-the-art services to ensure a tight-fitting respirator, for your entire team. So, ensure the safety of your staff with Absolute Medical Response’s respirator fit testing services. Get in touch with our friendly team to schedule your fit testing appointment or ask any questions regarding qualitative fit testing or any of our other services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team recommends undergoing respirator fit testing every 12 months to ensure ongoing safety. This frequency of testing offers a higher level of protection to your team.

Respirator fit testing is essential for anyone who relies on tight-fitting respirators to ensure proper protection. Wearing tight-fitting respirators ensures the wearer’s safety, without fit testing your ongoing safety cannot be guaranteed.

Fit testing is specific to respirators, ensuring they provide a proper face seal. Other personal protective equipment like hard hats may have different requirements to meet Australian New Zealand standard requirements.

Skipping fit testing can compromise your safety by potentially exposing you to harmful airborne contaminants. To ensure you are adequately protected, we recommend fit testing must be completed every 12 months.

A standard fit test typically takes about 15 to 30 minutes to complete, ensuring that every aspect of the seal is thoroughly evaluated. These fit tests are a very quick way to ensure respiratory safety for the wearer.

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