Work Injury Response Service (WIRS)

Absolute Medical Response introduced the Work Injury Response Service (WIRS) in response to consultation with industry clients and employers. The WIRS program provides employers with a structured, rapid and effective way of looking after the Work Health and Safety (WH&S) of their employees. This service was developed with both the employer and employee in mind to rapidly and expeditiously manage workplace accidents and injuries.

Absolute Medical Response WIRS program operates 24 x 7 and ensures that workers are given the best possible care early in the injury cycle. This program has operated for 15 years and has had significant impact on our clients Lost Time Injury (LTI) rates.

With the recent 2015 premium reforms in NSW, WorkCover publicised that it would introduce a “simpler and more transparent approach to Workers Compensation premiums for businesses in NSW” (WorkCover, 2015).

The objective of these reforms was to make insurance easier to manage, provide certainty with premiums, support employers and their safety programs and provide the opportunity to reward recovery and return to work.

The Absolute Medical Response WIRS program aligns itself with these reforms and makes employees the focus of any workplace injury management system. The WIRS program provides employers and employees with early intervention support to effectively manage occupational injuries and illnesses in the workplace and allow the injured person to safely recover at work.

WorkCover*(2015) state that “the longer a worker is away from work, the less likely they are to return. Recovering at work promotes fast recovery and reduces the risk of long term disability benefiting both employer and employee”.

The Absolute Medical Response WIRS program supports this concept and will:

  • Commence assessment and triage the injury as soon as it is reported
  • Stabilise the injured worker on arrival at the worksite in one of our fully equipped ambulances
  • Accompany the injured worker into the consultation by the primary health care provider or hospital in order to provide guidance re suitable duties
  • Provide full details of the injury process via our patient care records
  • Work with WHS managers and Return to Work Coordinators for the prompt return of employees to work

The benefits to the employee and employer are:

  • Reduced lost time injuries
  • Reduction in worker compensation premiums
  • Cases are fully documented
  • No need for managers and co-workers to accompany the injured party to hospital or a primary care centre
  • A increased likelihood that suitable duties will be offered by the treating doctor
  • Employees have peace of mind that the employer is providing extra support when an injury has occurred
  • To enhance the return to work of injured workers
  • Provision of medical escort to medical appointments where appropriate


* WorkCover, 2015. Premium Reforms in NSW retrieved 25th August 2015 from

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