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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Absolute Medical Response

Absolute Medical Response aims to work with employers to maintain a safe workplace by providing onsite drug and alcohol screening services that covers pre-employment, random and/or for cause screening.

Employee drug testing has become increasingly popular across Australia due to the recognition that the use of alcohol and other recreational drugs are recognized as a hazard in the workplace. Many organisations have introduced Drug testing as a useful tool in the pre-employment assessment process.

Workplace drug testing provided by Absolute Medical Response

The main goals of the Absolute Medical Response drug and alcohol testing include:

Absolute Medical Response adheres to the AS/NZS 4308:2008 Procedures and standards for specimen collection and the detection and quantitation of drugs of abuse in urine. This Standard sets out best practice procedures for specimen collection, screening, confirmation, quantitation and reporting of drugs in human urine as well as integrity testing of the specimen. This standard is designed for but not limited to medico-legal, workplace or court directed testing of any or all of the following classes of drugs:

Absolute Medical Response uses a number of different On Site Collection Devices for both Urine and Saliva. These kits can test for a wide range of drugs of abuse. Absolute Medical Response can perform both urine and saliva on site collection depending on your company policy. Absolute Medical Response offers the following drug and alcohol screening services bespoked to your organizations specific requirements:

Alcohol testing is conducted using a hand-held alcohol breathalyser.

If random screening is carried out onsite, instant urine drug screening is the most common method used, as it is accurate and efficient. Instant urine testing can offer results in 5 minutes, and will ensure that your employees are fit for daily duties, however they do not provide the same standard as a laboratory analysis as defined by the Australian Standards AS/NZS 4308:2008. The specimen will require confirmation by laboratory testing if a non-negative result is obtained.

Our health professionals are specially trained to perform authorised workplace drug and alcohol testing and screening, and can provide this service onsite at your workplace anywhere in Australia.

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