Medical Emergency Response Team Training


About the Medical Emergency Response Team Training course

The Absolute Medical Response Pty Limited “Medical Emergency Response Team” (M.E.R.T.) training is an 8 hour or 16 hour course, which prepares the responder to act and deliver confident and competent pre-hospital medical care in the time period prior to emergency services arrival. Absolute Medical Response will integrate current client policies and procedures regarding emergency response into the curriculum to reinforce learned Standard Operating Procedures or Protocols and cognitively inlay the Clients rules and regulations into the response training.

This multifaceted approach is built on a proven adult-learner model of education in which the student learns the material from various sources (lecture, audio visual presentations, skills training, etc.) and then performs both independently and as a team member during our acclaimed scenario based learning and training. Pre-hospital emergency services care should be focused on advanced patient care and comfort.

Absolute Medical Response approach mirrors that of the Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Services, and therefore utilizes full-time Intensive Care Paramedics, Paramedics and EMT’s as instructors. Absolute Medical Response teaches the students the importance of delivering excellent “customer service” to their patients, and the associated ripple effect it has on the on-looking or involved client community.

M.E.R.T. training is designed for the workplace that is looking to have a more advanced team in place to deal with emergencies prior to Ambulance and Fire Rescue Services arrival, as well as having an advanced sense of hazard awareness and competence levels. This course can be either 8 hours or 16 hours depending on the desired modules of training, which would include topics such as:

  • M.E.R.T. roles and responsibilities
  • M.E.R.T. integration with client-based responders
  • First-Aid (shock, fractures, head and spinal injuries)
  • Advanced First-Aid /CPR scenario secession
  • Client Ambulance / equipment awareness and utilization
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Radio protocol/procedures
  • Handover reporting to Ambulance Services and documentation
  • Emergency scene management and safety
  • Customer service during a medical emergency
  • CPR / AED (Adult, Child, and Infant)
  • Infection Control and Blood Borne Pathogens

Please note that at this time, we do not offer this course to individuals but require Group Bookings. For further enquiries, please contact Absolute Medical Response Services or call on +61 (2) 9608 0222.

Enquiries for the Medical Emergency Response Team Training (M.E.R.T) can be made via our contact form or call Absolute Medical Response on +61 (2) 9608 0222

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